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Installing Application Integration Architecture on SOA Suite 11g R1 PS2

Installing Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack ( 11g Release 1 ) can be tricky especially on the latest SOA Suite 11g R1 PS2, in this blogpost I will try to give you the steps to be successful. In this blogpost I will install AIA on a Windows 7 64 bits server and I don’t do a remote install of AIA.
Before installing AIA
  • You need to have a fresh install of a SOA Suite 11g R1 PS2.  ( I use Oracle 11g R2 database as repository )
  • Create a WebLogic Domain with the SOA Suite and Enterprise Manager options enabled.
  • Start the AdminServer
  • Change the NodeManager Options ( wlserver_10.3\common\nodemanager\ ) and set StopScriptEnabled & StartScriptEnabled options to true
  • Start the NodeManager
  • Check the security of the Nodemanager. Start wlserver_10.3\common\bin\wlst.cmd  and type the following nmConnect(‘weblogic’, ‘weblogic1′, ‘laptopedwin’, ’5556′, ‘aiaDomain’, ‘C:/oracle/Soa11gPS2/user_projects/domains/aiaDomain’, ‘ssl’) laptopedwin is the servername and aiaDomain is the WebLogic Domain
  • Start the soa_server1 from the WebLogic Console ( in the control Tab of the Server section )
Your WebLogic Server is now ready for AIA.
Download the following packs from edelivery
  • V20869-01 Oracle AIA Foundation Pack: Getting Started with the Oracle AIA Foundation Pack and Demo
  • V20870-01 Oracle AIA Foundation Pack: Installation Guide
  • V20872-01 Oracle AIA Foundation Pack: Developer Guides
  • V20958-01 Oracle AIA Foundation Pack: 11g Release 1 (
The AIA software is for 11G R1 PS1 and not for PS2, so you need to download a patch and apply this patch on the AIA Foundation Pack
Download Patch 9717829 from Oracle support
Extract the archives.
To apply patch on top of the AIA installation follow these steps.
Open cmd and set the following variables.
set ANT_HOME=C:\oracle\Soa11gPS2\modules\org.apache.ant_1.7.1
set JAVA_HOME=C:\oracle\Soa11gPS2\jdk160_18
set PATH=.;%JAVA_HOME%/bin;%ANT_HOME%/bin;%PATH%
cd C:\Downloads\AIA\9717829\files\patch_9717829\files
ant -f UpdateInstaller.xml -DInstallerLocation=C:/Downloads/AIA/V20958-01

C:/Downloads/AIA/V20958-01 is the location of the AIA PS1 software.

Installing AIA
In my case I need to use the response file instead of the gui installer. When you use  the normal installer you can get an error on the NodeManager check when your WebLogic Domain is running on Windows.
Open the example response in the following folder C:\Downloads\AIA\V20958-01\cd\Disk1\misc\responseFiles\SampleAIAFP_CompleteResponse.rsp . For more information see the installation guide pdf. Provide the right values and optional create some Tablespace if you don’t want to use the System Tablespace for the AIA schema data.
o to the win64 or win32 folder, I will use the win32 installer because then I can provide the jreLoc variable ( with the win64 installer this won’t work )
cd C:\Downloads\AIA\V20958-01\cd\Disk1\install\win32
You need to add the novalidation option else your installer stops on a free disc space check. With the win32 installer you need to provide the location of a 32 bits JRE and for the win64 installer provide the 64 bits JRE.
Start the AIA Install.
setup.exe -silent -responseFile C:\\Downloads\\AIA\\V20958-01\\cd\\Disk1\\misc\\responseFiles\\SampleAIAFP_CompleteResponse.rsp -jreLoc C:\oracle\Soa11gPS2\jdk160_18 -novalidation
For the install logs you can go to the following folder C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs or with the 32 bits installer C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory\logs
After installation
You should check the AIA Installer logs for errors, these are located in your AIA Home folder ( C:\oracle\AIA\AIAHome\cfgtoollogs\oui ).
Next Go the Enterprise Manager Website http://localhost:7001/em and you should see the following composites.

Go to http://localhost:8001/AIA/ To take a look at the AIA application.

And at last add the AIA JDeveloper plugin. First you need to download from the update center the AIA plugins. Then go to Tools / Preferences / SOA and add the aia.jar from the jdeveloper/lib folder.

That’s all for now

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