Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How to rename BPEL project in JDeveloper

Its extremely difficult to change the process name once created in JDeveloper.

Although, there is a workaround by using Templates , to rename any of the existing BPEL process with the new name.

Here are the steps

1. Select the project which needs to be renamed and select from the context menu "mark as template"

2. Give a name to the teamplate and click on "OK".

3. Now create a new BPEL project with the desired name and make sure to select the template that you created from the template drop down.

4. Click ok, It will ask you to overwrite and build.xml files. Click OK

5. Now close the new project and reopen it to see the project with the desired name


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  2. In 11g we don't have "Mark as template" option. Is there any way we can achieve similar functionality in 11g ?

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