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How to install AIA 3.0 from scratch? AIA 3.0 Installation : Important Tips and Tricks...

Undoubtedly, it was a little challenge while trying to install AIA 3.0. Firstly the long Installation guide and very generic error descriptions  leave you nothing but perplexed, secondly, my OS being MS Vista adds fuel to the fire. But, despite all the odds, what matters most is that AIA 3.0 runs successfully on my Laptop (Neeraj-PC). However, just to save the time of world's greatest developers, I'm writing this post to give some of the tips and tricks that I found while installing. Hope they find it useful.

Note: For OS other than Windows the commands will change accordingly.
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00 GHz
RAM : 3 GB
OS : Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bits)

Below are the steps that I followed to install AIA

  1. Install Oracle Database 11g (
    • Download the Oracle database installable as zip files and extract them to a single directory. Make sure when you start the installation, there is only one folder having all the contents of both the zips. The easy way is multi-select both the zips and say Extract to some folder.
    • Proceed with the steps. I chose Desktop Class, Enterprise Edition and did not install Loopback Adapter.
    • Proceed with the steps and after successful installation check the Enterprise Manager console using http://<host_name>:<port_number>/em as in my case http://Neeraj-PC:1158/em.
  2. Create schemas using the Repository Creation Utility (rcu)
    • While creating the schemas, I gave all the schemas the same password. However, you can opt to give different passwords as desired.
  3. Install Weblogic server 11g R1 (10.3.2)
    • I installed using Sun JDK without any Loopback Adapter 
  4. Install Oracle SOA Suite (
    • Study the software and hardware requirements before installing and also gather the necessary supporting documents as Installation guide, Administration guides etc.
    • Follow the installation guide and install the WLS. After installation do not wonder if you are not able to see the soa_server1 folder under <Middleware>/user_projects/domains directory. It will come when you start your managed server first time using the startManagedWeblogic soa_server1.
  5. Finally Installing the AIA 3.0
    • Go through the Hardware-Software requirements carefully and download the AIA installable from Oracle e-delivery website. Also download the following supporting documents from Oracle Support
      • Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack 11g Release 1 ( Installation Guide - [Doc No :E17949-01]
      • Known Issues and Workarounds for Oracle Application Integration Architecture Foundation Pack 11gR1 [Note ID : 1087180.1] 
    • While following the installation guide and preparing for installation, pay attention to the steps mentioned below.
    • Configuring JVM Parameters - Instead of modifying the file setDomainEnv.cmd, make the change in the setSOADomainEnv.cmd as this file seems to override all the changes in the other domain files. Set the if condition as described. if "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%"=="AMD64" (    set USER_MEM_ARGS=%PORT_MEM_ARGS%) else (    set USER_MEM_ARGS=-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=512m XX:MaxPermSize=512m )
    • Enabling remote JDBC Connection - Make this argument as true in both .cmd and .sh files to avoid any confusions. 
    • Setting up Timezone - Firstly verify the current timezone in the database from the sqlprompt(by running sqlplus.exe) using SELECT SESSIONTIMEZONE FROM DUAL;Then you can set it to whatever you want using ALTER SESSION SET TIME_ZONE = ‘EST’;. Don’t close this sql prompt window till AIA installation is complete as it is maintained only for a session. Specify the same time zone in the weblogic managed server start too as given in the guide. Don’t specify any timezones like +5:30 to avoid any errors.
    • Configure your node manager properly and Start your SOA server using the Node Manager before installation. Learn How.
    • Go ahead with your AIA installation using the AIA Installer. While installation, at the time of Deployment Configuration step it will say sometimes as Failed due to Unable to reserve space in Heap. Click Retry. Close all open programs and make sure there is enough memory available as specified in the USER_MEM_ARGS. It should solve the error next time.
    • After the installation is successful, go to the WLS console and set the user permissions as shown below.

    • Verify the installation from the AIA Console http://<localhost:soa_server_port_number>/AIA

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