Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lesson12-B2B Installation

Oracle provides a platform to exchange standard messages between business entities. It comes with pre-built messaging templates and samples. It is part of Oracle . However, we need to separately download and install Oracle Document editor. For traditional Oracle E-Business Suite users, this is similar to XML Gateway, but with more features geared towards SOA implementations.
Installation steps:
Oracle B2B Editor

  • Unzip all three zip files to their respective folders to create ofm_b2b_doc_editor_win_11., ofm_b2b_doc_editor_win_11., ofm_b2b_doc_editor_win_11.
  • Copy contents of Standards directory from ofm_b2b_doc_editor_win_11., ofm_b2b_doc_editor_win_11. into ofm_b2b_doc_editor_win_11. folder.
  • Run ofm_b2b_doc_editor_win_11. Choose silent mode if you prefer so.
  • Finally, installation confirmation screen will appear at the end of installation. I had about 51 folders under STANDARDS section of installation.
  • Run from Programs.
Oracle B2B Console

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