Saturday, 12 November 2011

Difference between OSB and Mediator in Soa11g

Mediator is an internal component in a composite application and can be used to mediate between the components or the component and the outside world. OSB is a standalone full function powerful stateless ESB that is an intermediary between hetrogenous clients and services and is a part of neither of them.

Mediator is primarily targeted to composite developers. OSB is primarily targeted to a system integrator using the console except if advanced programming concepts like split join is used. In that case the optional eclipse IDE can be used by the system integrator.

Mediator has some extra features like DVM, XRef, Schematron validation, some of the adapters, OWSM integration (OSB has roughly equivalent functionality implemented a different way), Error Hospital with resubmits, Jdeveloper IDE and Tracking.

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