Monday, 30 April 2012

How to Change DVM at Run Time

Oracle SOA Composer now offers support for editing domain value maps at runtime. Oracle SOA Composer is an EAR file, which is installed as part of Oracle SOA Suite installation. It enables to manage domain value maps at runtime.

1.   Access Oracle SOA Composer at the following location: 

User must have the SOADesigner application role to access Oracle SOA Composer metadata. By default, all the users with Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control administrator privileges have this role.

Saving Domain Value Maps at Runtime:- 
Every time a domain value map is opened in an edit session, a sandbox is created per domain value map, per user. After saving the changes, the changes are saved in current user sandbox.

Committing Changes at Runtime:-
Commit the changes for saving them permanently. Once changes will be commited, runtime picks up the changes and saves them in the MDS repository. In a session, If changes are saved  without committing them. In such a case, the domain value map remains in the saved state which can reopen the domain value map and commit the changes later.

Detecting Conflicts:-
Oracle SOA Composer detects conflicts that can occur among concurrent users. If we will open a domain value map that is being edited by another user, then one warning appear . However, if we still want to edit the domain value map, then click Yes and make the modifications.If the other user makes changes to the domain value map and commits the changes, one notification message will appear while trying to commit the changes.
If we click Yes and commit the changes, then the changes made by the other user are overwritten by our changes.

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