Monday, 30 April 2012

Difference between concrete and abstract WSDL

Abstract WSDL:- 
Used on server side,contains request,response and type of operation performed.An abstract WSDL document describes what the web service does, but not how it does it or how to contact it. An abstract WSDL document defines the operations provided by the web service. the input, output and fault messages used by each operation to communicate with the web service, and their format. Including Abstract WSDL is reusable because there is no binding details in it.Abstract WSDL contains only messages and operations.Abstract WSDL is used by web Server.

Concrete wsdl:-
Used on client side,contains abstract wsdl and transport used.A concrete WSDL document adds the information about how the web service communicates and where you can reach it. A concrete WSDL document contains the abstract WSDL definitions, and also defines the communication protocols and data encodings used by the web service.The port address that must be used to contact the web service.Concrete WSDL has all the things that the abstract wsdl has in addition it has transport(http,jms) details.Concrete WSDL contains messages, operations and binding/transport specific information i.e. SOAP over Http/HTTPS/JMS having wsdl style i.e. RPC/DOC literal.

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