Sunday, 22 January 2012

Build Oracle AIA ABCS With Multiple Service Targets

Build Oracle AIA 3.2 On SOA ABCS With Multiple Service Targets
For an overview of all Oracle AIA specific terms and basic building blocks, please refer to my earlier post Steps to build the AIA artifacts.

To building a ABCS, we will take advantage of Service Constructor. This blog-thread assumes that readers have already downloaded the AIA Service Constructor extension for JDeveloper

Right Click on the Application Workspace and choose to select AIA Service Component Project,

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 Choose the Service Description from the AIA connection. This service description must have been created using Project Lifecycle Workbench. http://host:soaport/AIA

Click on the Import Service Request button as shown above.

Click on the Database Connection Lookup.

Choose a Service Request EBS from the list

 Press OK and you will see the result

Press Nest and Populate the Application Name, System Code, Application Short Name same as Product code and "Core" For Industry. Service Operation: Create; Service Version: 1.0; Service Type: Provider ABCS; Press Next.

Choose the EBS That will consume this EBS

Choose the Target Service This ABCS will call

Click Next and select default values. To call the additional services, click on "Additional Targets" and follow the steps to "Add Target Service"

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